What Lies Underneath — Her Story

39 min readApr 20

Sometimes when the world looks at you and thinks you have it all, maybe you should stop them and give them your side of the story. For Courtney, this was the case. To the outside world, she was the perfect woman with the perfect lifestyle.

She was the lovely girl in high school everyone in the football team wanted to be with, in college she was the girl who got the scholarship purely on academic merit and after graduating top of her class, she married one of the men who graced the Forbes Sexiest Men list.

Apart from this, she became a self-made woman in her company making her one of the most sought after professional in the fortune 500 fraternity.

But what the world did not see was the despair behind her success that was her failing marriage.

Written by Bonnie Robles
Published by

Courtney Parker was in high spirits when the week started. Her weeks of hard work at the public relations firm she worked in were finally paying off. She had for the longest time spent sleepless nights on Leonardo Marquez’s album launch. Leonardo was the latest Spanish musical sensation and according to Courtney, he was the best thing since Enrique Iglesias.

He had so far shown promise and growth in his music, something she did not normally see in musicians. Everyone was so busy singing about sex, girls, drugs and throwing money around that they had forgotten what real music was about, what real music sounded like. When she first heard Leonardo while on holiday in Portugal, all she could think was ‘why on earth don’t we have that in America?’ She immediately went to work, organizing meets with Leonardo’s representation, lawyers, producers and of course her boss, Michael.

“Come on. We’ve heard it all. Are you sure this is something fresh?” Michael had asked her. She smiled and walked to his sound system. She put the CD in the player and walked back to the desk.

“Now, close your eyes and tell me if this does not just make you want to marry your enemy,” she said as she pressed play on the remote control. The look on Michael’s face was one she would never forget. He smiled as he listened to the sweet strumming of the guitar and the beautifully pronounced Spanish words. She knew that…


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