Untouchable Me

18 min readFeb 26, 2022

Chris pulled away from her. “Stay like that,” he said. He pulled his shorts off. “Spank your pussy,” he said as he pulled his dick out and stroked it. Celeste could see the lust in his eyes. Celeste moved a hand in position to spank her exposed pussy. She enjoyed the slight pain of the act and she did it a few more times before he positioned the throbbing head of his penis at her hot, moist entrance.

Celeste took delight in stepping on the necks of everyone around her, but when her stepbrother Chris gets fed up of her constant taunting, he takes matters into his own hands and proves that Celeste isn’t untouchable…

Written by Nellie Cross
Published by

Celeste Boykin was used to people giving her respect. When she was in high school, on the very first day of freshman year, she walked into the school, demanded respect from everyone, and they wouldn’t give in. Six months later, she had everyone’s respect. She terrorized the students, the staff, even the administration until she had what she wanted.

Celeste thought herself to be untouchable and irresistible to any and all men. When it came time to go to prom four years later, she subdued Ruben Johnson into being her prom date, even though Ruben — the school’s quarterback — was in a long term relationship with Lillian Lemon, the student body president.

It was just one of the many broken relationships left in her wake. The crazy thing was that Celeste never put out. She was still a virgin, a fact about her that she considered one of her proudest accomplishments.

“I’m not a whore like the rest of these broads,” she would say to anyone who would listen. She carried her petite 5’3” frame with authority and purpose.

Her demands for respect even extended into her home. Her parents were used to her rudeness, her stubbornness; they were used to her treating them as if they were beneath her and after repeated attempts to curb her behavior, they gave up and mostly kept her in the background of their lives.

Celeste loved to terrorize her stepbrother Chris the most. Even though he was a year older than her, she still scared him constantly and frequently, metaphorically standing on his neck every chance that she got.


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