The Up-Skirt Tease

22 min readApr 22

When she catches her handsome softball coach taking an up-skirt photo of her on his mobile phone a young woman acts outraged and threatens to tell her parents. In reality she sees the opportunity to have some fun and the threat of her parents finding is enough to get the man doing what she wants.

Dressing in a short skirt she makes him meet her in town for the day to get more up-skirt snaps of her. When they go in a clothing store so she can try on more short skirts the passion finally boils over to some frantic lovemaking.

Written by Grace Barron
Published by

The shout of her softball coach stopped Taylor in her tracks just as the last of her teammates disappeared inside the locker room. It left the nineteen year old girl standing alone in the hallway as Mr. Allen came up to her. She was all too aware of how close the handsome older man approached and felt the slight flicker of her pulse rate.

There were plenty of girls on the team with a crush on him and she was no exception. It wasn’t exactly surprising given the appeal of his cropped blonde hair, deep blue eyes and athletic, muscular build and she enjoyed the occasional locker room fantasy about him. Those thoughts were suddenly playing on her mind, and as he started talking she tried to push them away.

“I’m looking for some help and you’re just the person I need,” he said.

Mr. Allen was never easy when it came to the team’s regular Friday evening training session and pushed the softball team hard. Taylor glanced down at her sweaty outfit then wiped a hand across her forehead to sweep back the hair plastered to it.

“Can it wait until after my shower?” she asked.

“It will only take a couple of minutes,” he went on.

Taylor looked at the locker room door and then back to her coach. “Umm… yeah OK,” she agreed. “What do you need?”

“I want to hang a couple of pictures in my office,” he said.

Her brow furrowed. “You can’t do it yourself?” she asked.

Mr. Allen laughed. “I can’t stand back and have a look that a picture is correctly positioned if I have to hold it up myself,” he replied. “I just need someone to help get it in the…

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