The Temp’s Seduction

22 min readSep 4, 2022

”She dropped on the thick shaft to drive it deep and slid fingers to her clit. The touch on the erect bud was electric and the burst of pleasure took her breath away. Harriet squeezed her thighs together as her body tensed and her pussy closed tightly around the massive shaft.”

When a young female temp starts a new two week placement she finds herself attracted to the handsome boss she is assigned to work for. The attraction quickly moves to teasing as she wears smart but sexy outfits each day and lets him catch flashes of bra, stockings and more.

Each day she goes a little further until the desire of her boss is enflamed into passion. When he makes a move on her she has her fun by stripping him naked and teasing him to erection. The man’s lust boils over into some frantic office sex as the young temp rides him in a chair and then lets him take her over his desk.

Written by Evelyn Hunt
Published by

Harriet’s tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth and she silently cursed. She was now twenty three and had worked as a temp for more than four years, but it was always the same when she started a new placement. The nerves kicked in, her mouth went dry and she got the shakes. It was the weirdest experience considering she was never actually worried about doing the job and knew her skills would easily see her through a placement, but she still couldn’t get over those first day nerves.

Stepping in the building she looked at the list of businesses on the wall sign. The company that hired her for two weeks was based on the thirtieth floor and she turned to walk to the elevators. As she stood waiting she wondered just what was in store for the next couple of weeks, but she knew there was only one way to find out and as the doors of an elevator opened she joined the crush of people moving in to it.

When she stepped out at the thirtieth floor, Harriet saw the reception desk to her left and stepped across to it. “Hi, can I help you,” the young woman behind it said.

“Umm… yeah I’m Harriet Coleman,” she started. “I’m from the temp agency and was told to ask for Mrs. Simpson when I got here.”

“Sure,” the receptionist continued. “Just take a seat and I’ll call her.” Harriet looked to where the…

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