The Reunion That Never Was

39 min readMar 23, 2023

Erica Patterson, a soft spoken woman has to face her past for the first time in ten years. Her worst years were in high school where she was always in the shadow of her twin sister Erin whose body developed faster than hers and was more popular than she ever dreamed of being.

Her twin is ecstatic about the high school reunion and is looking forward to rekindling old relationships but the last thing Erica wants is to face the same people she had to face for the longest four years of her life.

But what she does not know is Erin is not the only one who has plans to rekindle old relationships. This might just be the trip she needs to get a lot off of her mind and of course other people’s minds when they see how changed the ‘ugly duckling’ truly is…

Written by Bonnie Robles
Published by

Erica Patterson’s stomach was in knots. She hated the fact that her sister and best friend had talked her into going to her high school reunion. If there was anything she had learned from watching enough movies and TV series was the fact that high school reunions were just a platform for people to show off their perfect families, jobs and husbands.

She looked at her reflection and sighed. She was not sure that she was wearing the right attire. She looked at the three other outfits on…



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