The Mage Of My Dreams

19 min readDec 4, 2021

“His kiss tasted of raspberries and something more primal. He acted as if he knew me. In the waking world I would have kicked a man in the balls for acting this familiar with me, but I could let those walls come down inside my dreamworld.”

While Adrianna was busy with her career her subconscious crafted her the perfect man to spend her nights with, or so she thought. Adrianna has been having reoccurring dreams about Josiah over a year when she witnesses the brutal attack of her lover. Her life quickly takes a turn for the weird when a scrawny teenager shows up and claim Josiah is real and in danger.

Adrianna is thrown in the middle of a war between the mages and werewolves. Werewolves aren’t allowed to perform magic, because of the consequences it might bring. Adrianna is able to rescue Josiah, but he fears that his DNA may have been altered by the attack. If he has contracted the virus, the mages will lose their champion and the future of magic itself will be at stake…

Written by Susan Woodward
Published by

I dreamed about my mystery man again last night. As I lay in bed clinging to sleep I can still feel his hands caressing my body. My sex is wet, but my need is gone. This is the second night that I’ve came from dreaming about Josiah. I moan into my pillow as the alarm clock rings. I hit the snooze button and turn over. The morning can wait I want to spend just a few more moments in my state of contentment.

I slip easily back into my dreamworld, but the scene has changed. It’s darker and I hear Josiah’s panicked cries. I’m paralyzed by fear as I watch a wolf tear into my dreamworld lover. Helplessness overcomes me. The alarm clock cries out again waking me.

When I wake I’m covered with sweat and cold to the bone. I cling to my pillow and cry silent tears. I go through the motions of my day. I go to work and my university classes, but none of it seems real.

I pull my hoodie tighter and walk quickly home from class. The lecture on the psychology of criminals was one I had been looking forward to, but I don’t remember a single word the professor uttered.

“Pull it together, Adrianna.” I tell myself. “It was just a dream. Josiah isn’t even real.”

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