The Longest Distance

20 min readApr 5, 2022

Elise is in a dark place. Six months ago she had to say farewell to the love of her life, Pierre, when his visa expired and he had to return to France. Since then she’s dwelt on their love, and hasn’t even thought about another man.

Her friend forces her to go out and then she meets Jim, can this new man unlock the frustrations that have been pent up for six months, and can she ever let go of the love she has for Pierre?

Written by Odette Haynes
Published by

Elise lay in bed, her eyes closed in slumber. Her sleep wasn’t sweet though, it was the same as it had been for the past six months, tortured and tumultuous. Troubled dreams ran through her mind, the hazy image of Pierre making her heart race as she slept. In her subconscious mind he was with her, his hot breath tracing a line down the middle of her body as he slid down her, until it mingled with the burning sensation in her sweet spot.

His lips were like eager fingers plucking cherries from their trees; his athletic body pinned her down and ravished her. She writhed among the sheets, which became stained with slick sweat. Her mouth opened and allowed soft moans to pass through her luscious lips. Her nipples were pointed tips upon the heaving domes of her breasts.

Her body was a slave to him, and just as she felt their bodies join together she awoke. Her hands reached to grasp his quaking body but they only fell through air. Confusion reigned in her mind for a brief moment but then she was jerked back to a sad clarity. Elise felt at the cold sheets around her, and her spirits fell.

Even though it had been half a year since she and Pierre had parted the nights often followed the same routine. She’d always wake up longing to see him by her side, or smelling the pancakes he had a habit of making for breakfast. Yet he was halfway around the world in France, his student visa having expired, and she was stuck in America.

Neither of them had wanted to try a long distance relationship since they both thought that eventually they would end up resenting each other. There was no point when they could definitely say they’d be together again, so they had broken up and broken each other’s hearts.



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