The Lives of Balloons — Full-Length Romance Best-Seller Novel

64 min readJan 7, 2022

Amy is vital. When the world was younger for her, she was a writer of such passion. She wrote about a city she loved and thrived in. Her days were full of writing and her friendship with Rose, her most adored friend. Together they conquered and created in the city they both knew like the backs of their hands. A life well lived.

He was a man drawn to the city by words in a book that crept into his heart and told him in whisper and want that he needed to be there, needed to live there because only there, did people truly live. So he got a room and waited for the life he believed was supposed to happen to come.

In this middle of her life, her writing, her love affair with the city, a shadow man steps from his world and takes from her a mother she adored. Suddenly, the city she loved, has become a city of fear, of horror and she decides never to return to it. So, she hides herself indoors and writes only what her mind tells her is outside. Outside is fear, nothing but fear.

Rose, desperate for her friend to return, finds a very unusual and unlikely ally in the man she sees give his last two dollars to a homeless person. The man who was drawn to the city by words. The man is waiting for the life he believes is his to arrive, while the life he is living slowly seeps away.

There is only hope and there is only love that can bring these two together and heal their broken hearts. But, will her fears of the world become, as she fears, too true?

Written by Rebecca Milton
Published by

Chapter 1

She no longer leaves the rooms, the stairs, the closets, the comfort of the house. Because there are so many people. Because the city, like a person, breathes and moves. It welcomes and rejects. It gives birth, and it chauffeurs in death. Because it is cold and thoughtless. Because it is warm and wanting. Because there are so many…


In one moment, as she looks out the window, she thinks she knows what is happening. She feels the beating heart of the city, like an animal crouched and waiting outside the safety of her windows, outside her locked doors.

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