The Bad Boy

20 min readDec 22, 2021

Becca is an incredibly lonely student who doesn’t have the biggest social circle. She has recently split up with her boyfriend and is thumbing through her phone when she comes across Scott, a typical bad boy who she had enjoyed a fling with a couple of years earlier.

She enjoyed their time together but every time he leaves she ends up feeling hollow and awful, but she finds him irresistible as well. She has to fight her way through these conflicting emotions to try and find out what she really wants.

Written by Odette Haynes
Published by

The night was a long one in Becca’s lonely apartment. She was in her final year of college and most of her time was spent on her thesis. She had a few classes a week but otherwise her time was her own. It wasn’t like the previous years when her days had been filled with classes and homework assignments. She missed those days, because she lived further away from her friends than she would have liked so she didn’t get to spend much time with them.

On top of that it was now spring, so her seasonal part-time job in a toy shop was over. Her parents, who lived half-way across the country, provided her with an allowance so she wasn’t struggling for money, but her social circle was sparse so she was struggling for things to end the loneliness. Her apartment was small with only a combined lounge and kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. The walls were claustrophobic sometimes and her loneliness was suffocating. She felt as though she was slipping away from the world, and it seemed like everyone outside was enjoying a life filled with companionship and fun, while she was stuck inside with nothing to keep her company.

Her dissertation was going well, but because there was nothing else for her to do it felt like that was all she was doing, and she needed something to give herself a break from the monotony. She was sitting on the sofa and beside her were an empty bag of chips and a half-empty bottle of soda. She sighed as she looked around at her morbid surroundings and wondered how she was going to break free of the despairing bleakness that stretched out before her.

The longer she spent away from college the further away from her friends she felt, and it was rare that any of them tried to get in touch with her. She…



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