The Artist — An Erotic Short Story

21 min readDec 30, 2021

Janet moves into a new house that she plans on fixing up and flipping back into the market. This house is right across the street from Mark, who is a graphic artist and novelist. When the two of them meet, Janet feels a strong pull toward this good looking man, and discovers Mark has an epiphany of his own with her...

Written by Blanche Wheeler
Published by

I have moving down to a science. After getting rid of everything I don’t need, and putting things into storage that I can’t seem to get rid of because of one string or another, all of my worldly belongings, along with furniture and kitchen-ware can fit into two pickup truck loads. I could probably refine that down to one, but I really like my bed, so it comes with me.

I have this down so well, because I move quite a bit. I find homes that have been abused or wrecked or neglected, but still have good bones and strong foundations. I buy these homes and then I fix them. Then I sell them. I’m not getting rich, but I’m making a good profit and living doing what I enjoy doing.

On the average I have three homes going at the same time. There are always inspections and crew problems and delays, so while one home is delayed I’ll work on another. Also, this way I always have one or two on the market ready to be sold again. With the design work I do, the homes sell pretty fast.

Nearly lost it back a few years ago, with the real estate market crashed, but I was dealing with homes that were already very low value, so I tightened my belt, took a few hits and got through. A couple of them, however, I had to rent out and just wait for the market to get back on its feet again.

I pulled my pickup into the driveway of the new house on my list. This would be my new home for about six to nine months. I didn’t have to live in these houses while I worked on them, but I enjoyed watching a neglected home come back to life around me. Granted, sometimes it was a lot like camping, because water might be off, or the electrical not working right, or any number of other problems (a missing refrigerator for example like this house).

After I parked and took a look around the neighborhood from the barren front yard, I went and opened the front door and the…



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