Teasing Her Brother’s Friend

22 min readApr 24

“The grip on her breasts almost made her squeal and she opened her eyes to look down at the hands squeezing around her soft mounds. The hot touch of grasping fingers brought out more arousal and she rocked her body faster. She threw her head back as the rush of heat flashed through her body. As her passion mounted she leaned forward to press her hands on Scott’s chest and started to ride his cock.”

When her older brother invites a friend to stay at their home for the weekend, a college girl decides to have some fun. She sets out to tease the young man whenever she can and makes it plain that there is more on offer to him than just teasing.

When her brother and his friend go out on the Saturday night she goes to the young man’s bedroom to wait his return. When he arrives a little worse for wear he can’t believe his luck as he finds his night ending with some frantic sex.

Written by Grace Barron
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Leslie looked at herself in the mirror as she stroked the cotton bud across her cheek and enjoyed the soft touch of it running across her skin. She turned from side to side as she leaned forward, but as she finished using the cleansing lotion she could see there were no signs of any blemishes. Her baby blue eyes were clear too and she finished her bedtime routine by picking up a brush to work it through her blonde curls.

When she stood up she couldn’t help glancing at her curves. She was still showing the puppy fat of a teenage girl, but it in no way detracted from her looks. It simply gave her figure a healthy, rounded appearance and she knew from the admiring glances she got on a daily basis that it wasn’t only her that found her cute figure attractive. There were plenty of boys trying to catch her attention and she wasn’t averse to teasing them with flashes of naked skin.

Leslie found it more than exciting to see the expressions on their faces as they stared. She wasn’t exactly naïve either so she knew exactly what they were thinking. This only turned her on more though and she took every opportunity she could to tease boys. It was a game she enjoyed playing and on a few occasions she went further than just teasing.


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