Sugar Daddy College Girl

23 min readMar 25

Looking for a way to pay her way through college, a young woman signs up to a sugar daddy website that matches older men to young women. From the offers she receives she agrees to meet up with one claiming to be a millionaire. It turns out to be true and he agrees to pay her through college for a price; her young body being his to use.

With the first money promised to her she needs to seal the deal and finds herself being used for some kinky sex by a man who knows what he wants...

Written by Grace Barron
Published by

Linda sat with her finger hovering over the Enter key and considered whether to press it. She decided to read through the online form she’d filled out again to check for any typos or mistakes. She knew it was just an excuse to delay making the decision and when she finished she still hesitated.

It was a big step for her to admit that she needed help to get through college, but when she’d sat down to take a serious look at the cost of the three year course she wanted to do, she knew there was no way she would be able to do it without finding some financial aid.

She’d worked through every conceivable option she could think of and came up blank so when a friend suggested a sugar daddy website she couldn’t resist checking it out. Her initial reaction was that it was a bit sleazy and that didn’t change much after half-an-hour of doing some research.

While the profiles of the men she found on some of the websites talked of enjoying companionship, nights out on the town, vacations and other conventional dating fun, there was little doubt in Linda’s mind about just what she would be expected to do for the money on offer. The wealthy older men were obviously looking for a simple way to get their hands on some younger female flesh and the websites were there to match them up with college girls eager to give them what they wanted, for a price of course.

Linda wasn’t entirely sure it was a price she wanted to pay and her finger hovered over the keyboard again. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and before she could stop herself pressed the Enter key. When she opened her eyes again she saw the message asking her to check her e-mail and use the link given to confirm that she wanted her…

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