Sensual Therapy

20 min readJan 13, 2022

After a session with a patient in which she discuss the enormity of the universe, Helen feels small and she wonders what the purpose of her life is, especially since she’s barely able to survive and is stuck in a two bedroom apartment with her two teenage children.

However, when someone from her past calls she’s given the chance to cling to something tangible, and is able to indulge in some therapy of her own...

Written by Odette Haynes
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“And what do you think is causing these dreams?” Helen asked in a calm and placid tone. She was sitting with her legs crossed in her chair while her patient, Dawn, lay back in the therapeutic chair. It had a long surface where her patients could stretch their legs and the back was slightly raised, so they could still talk face to face but her patients felt relaxed. Helen had tried to make the office as calming as she could. It was almost bare really, there was a plant standing in one corner, her desk was in the other, and a file cabinet was beside that. Next to that was a wide window that looked out on the field outside. On one wall hung her counseling qualification certificate and on another there was a framed picture of a serene landscape, and that was it.

The only other thing she included was an air freshener that sprayed a scent of lavender around the room in an effort to further make the room a haven for her patients. At that moment she was treating Dawn, a woman who was in her late fifties. She’d been one of Helen’s regular patients and felt a strong attachment to the counselor. Currently Helen was trying to get at the root of her problems with anxiety and depression, but she also had a sense that Dawn was a lonely person and used these sessions just to have a way to interact with someone.

“I’m not sure, I really don’t know. That is why I’m here after all, you are the expert,” Dawn said, throwing a teasing glance towards Helen.

“I’m not sure I’d call myself an expert but okay, I thought I’d just see if you had any ideas. Now you’ve told me about five different dreams. Do you always dream this much?”

“Usually, yes, it’s been that way all the time. I used to make it a habit of keeping a notebook on my bedside table to document them. I used to have dreams of…

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