Sandwich Guy — A Romantic Short Story

28 min readMar 6, 2022

After being told by her live in boyfriend that he didn’t love her, Izzy has an odd and wonderful encounter with a strange man who waxes poetic about the goodness of a sandwich.

She is inspired and makes her decison to finally move on from a bad relationship and memories of a terrible time. The sandwich guy gives her the strength, if only she could thank him somehow…

Written by Rebecca Milton
Published by

Izzy moved on.

Nothing worked towards the end of the relationship with Clavin. Nothing, it seemed, to her. She didn’t rinse the glasses correctly. She didn’t clean the sink in the bathroom correctly. She left stubble from her legs in the shower…incorrect. Nothing, not even sleeping, was right. She put her cold feet on his legs.

“You are my heater, my foot warmer,” she had told him, thinking it cute, thinking it adorable, thinking it expressed her gratitude and love for the man. She thought wrong.

It had happened gradually. They met, they dated, they loved, and they occupied an apartment together. His apartment, his territory. She moved in her few items. She had been living with two other women in a spacious three-bedroom, and he had his own place. A large place with two bedrooms, one for the sleeping and the sex, and one that he used as his office. Which he promised he would rearrange to accommodate her office needs. He did. After she had hounded him for a month. After he had complained that the kitchen table was covered with junk, and looked messy, and felt stifling. He gave in and rearranged the office.

She got her desk from storage, finally, set up her computer, her pens and blank books. She wrote all day and, in the evening, when he came home, she vacated the office, gave it over fully to him. That was fine, it seemed to be fine. Until the first Sunday when she sat at her desk early morning, cup of tea, reading pages, editing the work, and he walked in. He stood at the door for a moment, she looking up at him and smiling. He was rumpled, just from bed, his hair going in several different directions, his upper body bare, his lower body clad in pajama bottoms. She liked the way he looked, like a well-slept-in bed.

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