Rene’s Sexy Snapshot

21 min readMay 16, 2022

“His fingers cupped her, caressed her, as their tongues mingled in their mouths. It drove Rene’s senses up the wall, her skin tingling with every new touch. His hands passed under her top, tweaking her stimulated nipples, flipping the tight flesh between his hot fingers.”

Rene and Jacob made a bet, and Rene lost. Now she has to do whatever he wants for a day. Jacob’s choice? Rene has to dress up as a scantily clad character for one of Jacob’s Comic Conventions. The only thing worse is that she also has to model for a photo shoot.

Rene tries to wriggle her way out of the deal, but even after seeing the tiny costume, and the sexually charged character she has to play, Rene realizes that she doesn’t have much of a choice but to play the part.

But once the cameras start going, maybe Rene will learn there is something to this cosplaying thing after all…

Written by Jean Mathis
Published by

“You can’t be serious,” Rene said as she picked over her salad, “I’m not doing that, no.”

She was having lunch with, Jacob, and the topic was the result of their bet. Jacob and Rene took reality shows very seriously, and the results of the newest season of ‘Catwalk to the Top’ meant another series of high stakes, this time the loser had to do whatever the winner wanted for a day.

Rene, and her favorite to win, lost in the last episode.

“You started the bet,” Jacob said. “You can’t just skip out on it now.”

Rene and Jacob had been friends for a few years. She was sure that he had a crush on her when they first met, but after they worked together long enough, she put a stop to that. He was a nice guy, just a little strange for her taste.

“Make me like, spend a whole day in my underwear,” Rene said. “Something, anything but this.”

Jacob took a sip of soda, and shook his head, “Nope. I’m going to the Tri-cities Comic Con, and you’re going to dress up.”

Rene ducked her head down and groaned, “I thought we made a deal that you’d never include me in your strange hobbies,” she said.

“We did,” Jacob nodded, “But I believe slave-for-a-day agreements supersede such arrangements…

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