Office Tryst

21 min readSep 26, 2022

Denise is ashamed, she’s almost become a cliché, but it’s not just the fact that he’s her boss that makes her weak in the knees. After letting herself go too far one night, she risks losing it all because of her uncontrollable lust. What will happen if she gives in to her secret temptation?

Written by Linda Wiggins
Published by

Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

Work had become impossible for Denise since he had become her boss. Try as she might to reassure herself that she could be a professional around the man, she always found herself flustered and distracted when he caught her eye. She couldn’t return his eye contact when they spoke and after he would turn to walk back to his office, she’d find herself alone with her dirty thoughts and her shamefully wet panties, completely lost regarding the conversation they had just had.

Tonight she was paying the price for her pathetic little girl crush. Working late, alone in the dark office where she wouldn’t run the risk of hearing his deep, commanding voice as he gave directions or come totally undone when she smelled his aftershave. Her fingers had stopped and now merely hovered over the keys and Denise shook her head to herself. She was torturing herself, when would it stop?

Maybe if she could just get comfortable, she’d be able to finish. Steve had already called twice to ask about dinner for the kids. She could only imagine what a mess he’d leave, left to his own devices. She reached up and pulled the pins out of her bun and her long, wave of dark hair tumbled down her back. Running her fingers through her hair, then moving them down her stiff neck, her heels kicked off under the desk and a look of ecstasy on her face; that was how he found her.

Mr. White had returned to the office and made his presence known by clearing his throat. She opened her eyes, jumping, and stifled a moan as she saw him sitting on the desk across from hers, smiling with the one dimple that she longed to kiss, his brown eyes staring at her as if she was as naked as she longed to be with him. “Dammit!” she thought to herself, “now I’ll never get anything done.”

“Relaxing?” he asked in a teasing voice.

“I’m sorry sir,” her mind always raced a mile a minute in his presence and she found herself apologizing continually. “I was…

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