Must Be Fate

21 min readApr 4, 2022

“Just the vision of her made him want to drink in the warmth that she emanated, such a contrast to the darkness and horrors of his own existence.”

SAMEEN has been locked away by her gift, there is little to believe in but the idea that she needs to help others. Fate however entwines very different lives together. A detective and a psychic brought together by events happening over a single day. Sameen has never felt connected to anyone until she met Hank. He is different, he feels but also sees.

For Sameen, Hank may be her only chance to truly connect with another human without the barriers of fear and her dark visions, but can Hank protect Sameen from the constant looming fear and threat of a serial killer who has attacked women all fitting Sameen’s description?

Written by Molly Ellis
Published by

SAMEEN sighed, the migraine was getting worse.

Her mind was torn as usual between two cafés. She loved the ambiance of this one too much to give it up but the crowd was a problem, as usual. Perhaps it was because it was a Monday but there seemed to be a lot more agitation than before. She closed her eyes all the while massaging her temples. The voices turned to a dull roar.

Not much better, but at least she wasn’t responding to people’s thoughts anymore. She smiled to herself and like always the acceptance and calm helped block out the noise. She saw the colors, the smoke that surrounded people. It had taken her a good part of fifteen years to conquer the fear, the burden, the anger and the visions, oh the visions! She shuddered lightly, she could still taste the acrid flavor of the first memory that she had unknowingly caught from a passerby when she was twelve.

She had cried so many hours for a pain that was never hers to feel or to even understand.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, letting the sun bathe her, the glow; the warmth eased the torrid of emotion all around her. She wondered when was the last time she had felt something, anything, she could call her own. The pain, the agony, the happiness even the anger, jealousy or jubilation were never hers, always polluted by the nearest person. As she matured so did her gift, now she didn’t even have peace from the woes of the child at…



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