Model Citizen

20 min readNov 29, 2022

When Nick agrees to take on a modeling job at an art college, he definitely gets more than he bargained for when the hot, young photographer arrives, asking him to show her more than just how good he looks in underwear…

Written by Samantha Kirby
Published by

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

Nick was starting to get to the end of his tether. Ever since he’d lost his job at the accounting firm earlier in the year, he’d been searching desperately for something, anything that would pay the bills at the flat he’d just started renting.

One ordinary Saturday, he woke up as usual at 10am. It was late enough to stop the sprawling, depressing day ahead from seeming too long and pointless, but also early enough that he felt that if there was any chance at being productive that day, there was ample time to get it done. He put on his blue dressing gown, made himself a milky tea and sat down at the dining room table, surrounded by a multitude of newspapers. Like most days, he began pouring through the classifieds, circling anything that he thought would fit his skill-set, which was unfortunately rather limited to using financial computer programs, completing tax return forms and sorting out businesses.

“Hmm… advertising? Maybe. Magazine work? I bloody hope not.” It had been the same collection of adverts, rotating in the same monotonous fashion every few days. Even the magazine collection work that he had sniffed at for so long was starting to look oddly tempting. He made it his mission to ring one new company each day, to at least see if he could score some kind of interview. It had been a long time since he’d given up trying to find another finance job, and had instead started to look towards a trade job. Yesterday it had been the decorating firm that were looking for someone to help out, painting, making tea, running to the hardware store for forgotten items and the such. It had seemed pretty promising too, the guys had all seemed really nice and had scheduled a meet up on a job the next day to see how he coped. That had been until late in the evening, when he got a call from the boss, saying thanks for the application but someone with a decorating qualification had rung up and they were obviously going to be a more qualified choice. Nick had done his best to sound cheery on the phone, but had felt pretty down once he put the…



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