Mistakes and Revenge

20 min readApr 21

Captain John Roberts is the commander of a military base in New Mexico. He’s a highly-decorated officer but as exemplary as his record is there’s one area in which he has not excelled — being father. His daughter Mary, now a young adult woman, is wayward and she’s sent to the base in an effort to instil discipline.

However, Mary has different ideas and sees the base as a way to subvert her father’s influence, using her sexuality to seduce men on the base just like her father uses fear to intimidate the same men.

Written by Odette Haynes
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Captain John Roberts paced around his office, his uniform fixed to him as if it had been bolted on. He had a swagger stick under his arm and held his arm tightly against his body to hold it in place. His hat covered his trim hair and there was not one speck of stubble remaining on his chiselled chin. He strode over to the window, each footstep powerfully pounding on the floor, and peeked through the blinds. The arid desert of New Mexico sizzled outside and the crisp sunlight that bathed everything in a burning luminescence made his medals glow.

His office was symbolic of his orderly nature. Everything had its place. The books were arranged alphabetically, by author. His desk had different sections for everything and there was not even a single sheet of paper that was sitting out of position. This barrel-chested man was in control of every aspect of his life, and he was the chief commander on the base. It was mainly used for new recruits to train before they were sent into combat, and John Roberts had a fierce reputation as a man who made boys into men.

“While you are here you will have a strict curfew and you will not fraternise with the others outside of the designated hours. There is a strict dress code, which you must adhere to and I will not tolerate any disruption to proceedings around here. You are here as a guest and you must respect my rules. I do not want to hear anything negative about your presence. If I do you will be disciplined and returned home. Is that clear?” he thundered.

He spun on his heels to face the young woman sitting in the chair. She was slouched forward with her feet resting against the edge of the desk. His eyes flicked towards them but he tried to…


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