Luxuriate — An Erotic Short Story Collection

133 min readApr 26

Sarah Whinery is twenty-eight years old, and her husband, after nine years of marriage left her for a younger woman. Feeling old and used, she has been hibernating for nearly a year, when Raymond Brown, her new client asks her to be his date at a fundraiser. She hesitantly agrees, and finds that she is also at a loss for how to connect with a man, her husband was the only lover that she has ever had.

Raymond is tall and handsome and understanding. He opens up Sarah to a new life, which is very appealing to her confined and timid beliefs about herself and her sexuality...

Written by Blanche Wheeler
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Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

The art museum in Balboa Park lent itself to quiet contemplation with a dash of interest — enough to get through a lunch hour without going brain dead. My sack had a chicken sandwich, a bottle of water and a candy bar, just in case. The morning was a typical Wednesday with everyone attempting to rile themselves with the fact it was ‘hump-day’. Clients were mostly quiet, all of the discussions being completed on Monday and Tuesday, with work expected Thursday and Friday. Wednesday was a day of serious work, which rarely included clients.

This week’s theme in the museum was Women, War, and Industry, featuring a lot of WWI and WWII posters which involved women with the war, or the workloads left by the men being shipped overseas. I was casually examining a poster that suggested I should become a nurse, with a very doe-eyed brunette having a winged nurse’s cap set on her head by the hands of Uncle Sam. The woman was perhaps eighteen, and of course beautiful as all nurses are. Uncle Sam wasn’t actually in the poster, just his hands and forearms.

I chewed my sandwich. I was eighteen once and I probably even looked that doe-eyed on my wedding day. Might have looked like that on my wedding night. I certainly didn’t look like that at twenty-eight, when he left me for a younger woman. I wondered what the nurse looked like when she got home from the war. Did her husband leave her as well, because she was used? Was she discarded by Uncle Sam as well?

I couldn’t complain about the propaganda too much since that was my business. We call it marketing, but it is the same tricks with different…

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