Legend of the Lost Magi

21 min readApr 25, 2022

Chuck and Linda are treasure hunters and in this adventure they journey to Africa hoping to find the truth behind the legend of the lost Magi. To do so they must venture across the harsh and inhospitable land that is the Sahara desert.

The scorching heat of the golden sand can only be matched by their sizzling passion, but will they get a chance to explore their passion, or will this be one quest too many?

Written by Odette Haynes
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The small silver jet streaked through the sky. Two of the passengers, Linda and Chuck, leaned close to the window so they could watch as the plane flew over the fluffy clouds. They marvelled at the blue sea, a canvas that stretched over the world, and the small brown islands that stood alone, isolated from anything else. Chuck had his arm around Linda’s shoulder. His brown shirt was unbuttoned, revealing his chest that was peppered with drops of sweat. Linda was wearing a loose shirt as well that was open towards the bottom, revealing her midriff and the green jewel that sat in her navel.

“A brand new continent,” Linda said with a sense of awe in her voice, “I know it’s not the same as when it was first discovered, but I feel like we’re explorers going to uncover some unknown land. It’s so exciting!”

Chuck smiled.

“Let’s just hope the trip isn’t a bust like Mexico was, although at least we got to stop off in Peru and that was very profitable,” he said as he lifted his hand up and played with the jewel in her belly.

Linda turned away from the window and looked at him. Their lips were inches apart from each other and the heat between them was incredible. Even though they had been together for a while every day seemed like the first day they had met. It was almost impossible for them to keep their hands off each other, although perhaps a large part of that was due to their lifestyle. Being treasure hunters was very conducive to feeling a thrill surge through their bodies.

Her long black hair flowed down and rested against her supple olive skin while her lips seemed to burn. Chuck’s strong jaw was peppered with thick stubble and Linda became aroused as she thought of the sweet sensation that came when it rubbed her soft skin. His hair…




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