Hotel Courtesy

20 min readMar 7, 2022

Having just switched to the night shift, Jessie can’t believe that Hollywood heart throb Tyler Morgan walked in and checked into her hotel. But when she answers a call for room service, she’s even more surprised at the service he wants from her...

Written by Inez Eaton
Published by

Jessie sat in the office, keeping an eye on the lobby in case any random travellers came in. It was late, and typically, if anyone in the hotel needed anything, they would call down for it rather than trek to the front desk to ask. She was relaxed in the cozy office chair with her ebook reader, not used to working the evening shift, which she’d taken for a decent raise a week ago when the night clerk had left for ‘bigger and better’ things.

As far as Jessie was concerned, working at a ritzy hotel wasn’t a bad thing to start with.

Starting to doze, she stood and paced a few circles to help revive herself, and when that wasn’t good enough, she walked around the corner to pour herself another mug of coffee. She’d already had one, and she’d only been here an hour. As she was adding her creamer, the bell rang, telling her someone was at the counter, and she cursed under her breath. Why did people only show up when she walked away from the lobby? It made her look bad.

Hurrying to finish, Jessie moved back to the counter and froze, nearly dropping her coffee mug. She hadn’t expected any new guests to check in tonight, since it was after nine, and she definitely wasn’t prepared for a VIP. But here she stood, staring at Tyler Morgan, the new heart throb of Hollywood, carrying a large duffle bag and a backpack. His smile was devastating on screen, and worthy of worship in person, his teeth a brilliant white with his blue eyes sparkling as his dimples cut into his cheeks.

“Welcome to the Inspire. How may I be of service?” she asked in a mousy voice that almost made her cringe.

Tyler’s smile grew larger, his dimples deeper, and it made his eyes crinkle at the corner. “Hi, I got into town late and forgot to book a room before I came. Do you have any openings?”

She nodded, stepping toward the computer. “We have several options. What type of room did you want, and for how many nights?”

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