Holiday Romances

23 min readMay 25, 2022

He pushed into the depths of her, loving the tightness of her internal muscles clamped round his shaft which felt like his whole being existed just there. Her strong pelvic floor massaging, clamping and releasing until he thought he’d go mad. Grinding hard, mindless, yelling helplessly into the sand every time he touched the wall of her cervix.

Mary travelled the world in her early twenties only to discover the man of her dreams, Cedric, was a fellow British backpacker undertaking the same journey of youthful self discovery as herself. As soul-mates their future seemed bright until settling down to a stable, secure life stole the spark from Mary’s life.

Cedric is convinced he can save their relationship that was written in the stars years ago as they continually crossed paths meeting unplanned in various different countries. Having tried relocating with work to live in foreign countries and marrying Mary, he sees the chasm between them ever widening and resorts to impregnating her and buying her a house to design to become the home of her dreams.

Alone, empty and away from her normal surroundings, construction manager Mike offers her the relief and romance missing from her life. Can Mary happily recreate a holiday romance with Mike or will reality find a way to interfere with her last shot of happiness?

Written by Kim Wilkerson
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Photo by Jérémy Chevallier on Unsplash

Mary sighed. Looking round what would eventually become a lavish farm-house mansion, at this point it was no more than just a picture in her and her husband’s mind. They knew how it should be, but it was still vastly in need of huge work and thought to make it liveable-in; let alone grow into the fantastic lodge they’d imagined.

Funds were there, which meant completion of the house was possible, but today, with what seemed a total cessation of work taking place due to ‘weather conditions’ it seemed to Mary the day she could move from the caravan parked on the edges of hell into merely one room wasn’t a date to be found, this year or next, on the calendar any time soon. Now was July.

Her marriage three years ago had seemed perfect. She’d back-packed a year and her path crossed with Cedric’s so many times and in so many various places it was as if fate were drawing them in.



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