Her Secret Admirer

20 min readMay 26, 2022

Grace has been unlucky in love so far and the men she meets online are no match to her best friend. Alex, so handsome, so sweet and so far out of her league, she could never tell him that their friendship has always been a cover for her true feelings.

When Grace meets a stranger online, they click immediately and she wonders, if he’s the one, what will happen between her and the friend she’s always loved?

Written by Linda Wiggins
Published by

She didn’t get asked out a lot so getting ready for tonight’s date had taken hours. She had been meticulous with her hair and she loved the way the curls cascaded down her back now. The dress flaunted her best assets and covered her belly and when she looked in the mirror, she could say that she felt pretty.

Her doorbell rang and she checked the time, he was thirty minutes early. Upon opening the door, she found Alex standing there instead. “What are you doing here?” she asked as she waved him in.

“Gracie, you know you need help before a date, I’m just here to supervise.” Her best friend had known her since they went to grade school together, could finish her sentences and of course knew that she’d be terribly nervous over every little detail.

“So what do you think?” Grace twirled and felt the bottom of the dress flounce around her, she was always conscious of her thighs though and kept her hands tight against the material so that Alex wouldn’t have to look.

“It’s beautiful, like the rest of you.” His smile was warm and the one-dimple was one of the things that drove women crazy. That and his dark, curly hair that seemed to beg you to run your hands through it and his broad shoulders and perfect abs. Grace wouldn’t even look down to his muscular ass, as a friend she would sometimes slap him on it in jest, as a woman she found herself wanting to curl her fingers around the bottom of his cheeks as she pulled him close.

It wasn’t meant to be however and Grace had accepted it long ago, grateful that he had been her friend and confidant. Alex had a lot of her tears on his shoulder over the years.

“But your hair, that’s got to be fixed, STAT,” he tried to run his hand through the length of her thick, blond curls and was…


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