Her New Boss — An Erotic Short Story

21 min readMar 14, 2022

“Mr. Hudson, w-what are y-you doing?” Kylie felt her being forced towards one side of the office. Her mind was in a spin not knowing what to feel and how to react — she was surprised at his sudden aggressiveness and wanted to wiggle out of his grasp but at the same time she felt suddenly turned on by the bulge poking against her tummy and his handsome face inches from hers.

Kylie is having the worst day she could possibly have. She is at the funeral of a man she has come to know not only as a mentor and her boss but also someone who showed her the love she never had growing up.

At the funeral is also an unknown man she finds herself mysteriously drawn to. Little does she know they will soon meet again under entirely different circumstances…

Will Kylie be able to control her feelings towards her new boss or give into them fully and completely?

Written by Bonnie Robles
Published by

Kylie pulled out an embroidered handkerchief and dubbed the tears that welled up in her eyes. She never had a real father figure growing up and had considered her boss and one of the company’s senior vice presidents, Mr. Edward Thornsbill, almost as her father ever since the day he hired her straight out of college. Since the news of his sudden death of a heart attack last week, she felt lost in her adult world.

She watched his coffin slowly lowered into the ground as the priest said his last blessings. Together with the others in attendance, she threw a red rose into the earth and then slowly turned around to walk away. As she walked across the well-trimmed grass and past the other epitaphs of the cemetery, her thoughts flashed back through the years she had known him…

She was a fresh college graduate with her long dark-brown hair haphazardly tied to the back of her head. She wore a pair of square eye glasses too big for her small face. Her round forehead and puffy cheeks were flush with anxiety and anticipation of her first job interview as she struggled to straighten her mint green blouse and black formal skirt.

Her hands were sweaty and her braces stole the attention away from her shy giggles but there was a genuineness that Mr. Thornsbill — then just a section chief —…


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