Guilt, Love, Friendship

21 min readNov 7, 2022

This is a story about two girls marked be tragedy but brought together by fate and bonded with friendship. We follow the girls as their friendship blooms and they help each other out as they move on in life and heal, in spite of being total opposites in nature.

When tragedy strikes, the line between love and friendship blurs, the battle between guilt and conscience begins, then comes the time to choose between ‘what feels wrong’ and ‘what is right.’ A heart-warming story about love, friendship, and acceptance.

Written by Dolores Brewer
Published by

Someone said that there are two things people never have to chase: true love and true friends. Everyone likes to believe things like that but, unfortunately, reality is never that simple. So if the lines between them blurred for you and you had to choose between the two, what would you choose?

After a gloomy night spent drinking, Brian woke up late in the afternoon to find the answer. He had expected to wake up and find Odessa waiting for him with the answer but that is not what happened.

A sad snowy day is not one when children expect to make new friendships. They rush about their businesses so they can go home and get cozy. But the chill of the winter aside, there is generally a cheerfulness and happiness in the air when they return to school after their Christmas holidays. They are all happy and excited to see each other after the vacations so they can tell their friends where they went, how good or awful the family was, and what they got for Christmas; they are also very happy to see each other again. Except for Odessa.

Even though a tween, Odessa did not know happiness. She was not the child people used in their examples of happiness. She was a sullenly child who was rude and a total bully. She never knew who her father was and her mother never bothered telling her whether he left before she was born or after. She did not even know his name. Her mother, a vain and drunk woman, kept her deprived from the affection and love all children deserve. That made Odessa tough, hard, and insensitive. She knew she could survive without anyone. She hung out with the guys and smoked after school, her little rebellion. She was already a grade behind in school, but neither she nor her…

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