From The Past

25 min readMar 8, 2022

“My eyes met his for the briefest second before he thrust his cock into me. I let out a piercing scream, not even bothering to cover my mouth in case someone heard us. He didn’t start slowly, instead he pushed hard and fast; my fingers dug painfully into the desk and I tried to stay standing.”

After eight long years Aleena returns to a place that she swore she would never return to. With a successful life and a glowing career she is everything she never believed she would be. But she can’t escape the reality of her past forever, especially when it turns up unexpectedly. Tormented for two years of school by a man that only revealed his true personality to her, Aleena has to overcome her past in order to see him for what he really is.

Will she give in to her age old temptation and fall for his chocolate brown eyes and perfect looks? Is the hunger between them just too much to bear? Will they escape in time when the principal comes knocking?

Written by Carla Burke
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“Miss Nortan, welcome back. It’s great to have you here with us today,” a large woman greeted me enthusiastically. I smiled at her politely before sidestepping her imposing frame that blocked the corridor.

“Please call me Aleena, Miss Nortan is far too formal,” I said warmly. I held my hand out to her unwillingly; she took hold of it immediately and shook it violently, her happiness radiating through it.

“This way please,” she said gesturing down the dimly lit corridor. I nodded my head and proceeded to follow her. The sound of her heels echoed off the walls just as I remembered them to. It had been eight year since I had stood in this corridor and it hadn’t changed one bit. After being bombarded with phone calls I had agreed to return much against my own will but after the tenth letter and twentieth call I couldn’t refuse any longer.

We carried on walking, it was completely deserted; I was used to the sound of screaming kids and grumpy teenagers filling these halls. The silence was eerie and concerning, it felt wrong and abandoned.

“It bet it seems different to you now, we have had so many improvements done since you were here last,” the woman said happily.



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