Examining the Examiner

20 min readMay 30, 2022

Harry walked around the table and quickly made his way to where she was and kissed her. She pulled away and looked at him in surprise before slapping him hard across the face. She lifted her hand to slap him again but he held her hand above her head. She raised her other one but he held this one as well. She looked at him in surprise as he stood in front of her pinning her against the door. “I told you to say it,” she hissed.

Everyone in the 19th precinct can see the sparks between Camilla Van Hauser and Harold Jameson but the two of them seem to be playing hard to get. When she wants him, he draws away and when he wants her… well, it’s pretty much a favor returned.

This goes on for some time until Camilla decides to take a stand and walk away. This could have been the wakeup call Harold needed but is it a ring too late?

Written by Bonnie Robles
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Camilla Van Hauser tucked a strand of her brown locks behind her ear as she looked at the dead body on the sidewalk. She loved her job to bits but this part was what she hated the most — seeing innocent people dead sometimes for no good reason.

“Petechial hemorrhage suggesting strangulation. The wound on her forehead was definitely pre-mortem,” she said as she examined the body of the young woman on the floor. “I would suggest strangulation as the official cause of death,” she said before looking up at the detective. “I think my work here is done,” she said again as she removed her gloves and got to her feet.

“Dr. Van Hauser. A good day to you,” Detective Harold Jameson said. She turned around and flashed him a smile.

“You too,” she said as she packed her bag.

“Did you just get here?” he asked looking at her. She smiled and shook her head.

“Actually, you are late and I am already done,” she said as she began walking away.

“Well, don’t forget to fax me your finding,” he called after her. She turned around.

“See you at the precinct, detective.”

“When are the two of you going to stop this cat and mouse game you have going on and simply do what needs to be done?” Harold’s partner Pam Spacey asked. He looked at her and…




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