Crown & Diet

19 min readMar 24, 2022

Nikki finds herself in a club with nothing to keep her interest, at least until one of the bartenders sparks up more than a conversation and perks more than her interest…

“Crown and Diet,” was the typical call Nikki heard around her as she stood by the bar, trying to decide what to order herself. She was in a very metro bar, full of young, hot men and women who all watched their figures closely.

Her best friend, Jade, had suggested they venture out here and check it out on a recommendation from her gay coworker. While it definitely wasn’t a gay club, it had the vibe. Everyone was dressed to the nines, and even though Nikki had read the reviews and dressed to impress herself, she still felt a little out of place.

But she liked the music and the crowd, and she could see there was no shortage of eye candy. She didn’t go clubbing very often, and it had been Jade’s insistence that had dragged her out this time, for the first time in months. She tended to stick to work and hobbies, with a few little adventures along the way, like weekend road trips. It was nice to be out, though, and if she could ever get Jade’s attention away from the tall, dark and handsome she was shaking it with on the dance floor, she’d thank her.

Finally making up her mind, she leaned on the bar and waited until the bartender offered her a congenial smile. “Bloody Mary, light on the Tabasco.”

He nodded and quickly mixed her drink as she eyed the rest of the clientele at the bar. There were a few women giving out the ‘come hither’ stare, focused on no one in particular and just waiting to get picked up. She also spotted a few men who were openly on the prowl with others who seemed a little more discreet about it.

Drink in hand and tired of standing around, ogling people, Nikki headed toward the dance floor, which was jam packed with people, trying to spot the best path to where she could just barely see Jade among the other glowing modelesque women. She slid between couples and tried to at least look like she might be dancing, but she was on a mission, and she focused on finding the slightest opening through the pack until she reached her target.

Tapping Jade on the shoulder, she caught the eyes of the stranger her friend had managed to wrangle, and he smiled. She smiled back and…

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