Anna’s Need for Speed

24 min readOct 1, 2022

”Anna liked all sorts of men, the large burly men and the thin lanky ones. She had an attraction to penises of all sorts, and told each man how to use them. The small longer ones felt best in her ass, while large thick cocks felt best pounding away at her waxed pussy. Small chubby ones stretched her insides and pressed against her g-spot like no other. She couldn’t get enough. Some days she would have more than one man come and please her; and every now and then a couple of women to complete an orgasm filled orgy.”

Anna is a total nymphomaniac; chewing up guys and spitting them back out. No one seems to please her enough for her to keep around. When her friend insists that Anna needs to settle down, she gives in and attends a speed dating session.

Going home empty handed, Anna is a little more than disappointed, but all of that goes away when she runs into one of the speed daters the next day and sparks fly…

Written by Inez Eaton
Published by

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

He pounded her against the wall. His hard cock thrust in and out of her, and she tried to quiet her screams. The orgasm came to her in waves, filling all of her senses and clouding her eyes. He grunted as he released inside her. With one final deep thrust they both rode the end of their orgasms, their bodies shuttering against each other.

He pulled out and she remained standing against the stall wall of the bathroom. He turned to the toilet and began pulling the condom off of him. He pinched the tip of the latex glove and pulled slowly, and then rolled the base until the entire thing was able to slide off. He knotted the end and threw it into the toilet then grabbed some toilet paper to wipe the end of his softening cock from any remaining cum.

Anna watched him; her body falling into a relaxed state as she pressed against the stall. She felt a bit guilty. She didn’t even know this stranger’s name; but only a small part of her cared. The other part was just happy to have found some release. She patted the man on the shoulder and offered him a slight smile. She straightened out the short and tight skirt she wore, and then made her way out of the stall.

This was routine. Every week she came to the club and found the most attractive man she could. She then snuck…

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