Angels of Rock — An Erotic Short Story

20 min readJan 3, 2022

“I love you too,” he said, and plunged harder. She came, screaming and moaning loud enough for the neighbours to hear. Satisfied that she was done, he undid his zipper, and grabbed his manhood, giving it a few quick strokes before angling it towards her. No words were said, but they both moaned as she grabbed him, directing him towards her warm sex.

Lucifer has it all — the girls, the career, the looks. Or so it seems. But the one thing he is missing is love. He had love, in the form of a teenage wife that meant the world to him. However, rockstar lifestyles are not compatible with marriage, and he threw it away. But Lucifer also has a secret — the reason he switched from lead singer to guitarist. And now, that secret is catching up with him too.

Will he have time to make amends before it’s too late?

Written by Lois Hodges
Published by

Mikael lit a cigarette the second he stepped off the bus into the bright dawn light, flinching as he flipped his sunglasses over his face. They never slept much on the bus, and last night was a prime example. They had listened to their bassist have a fight with his girlfriend via cell phone until 4am, and eventually Mikael had given up sleeping and started writing a new song, mostly about why you should just dump a girl if you fight with her so much.

But now, the dawn was mostly silent as the sleep deprived band and crew started to unload. “Hey Lucifer!” he called, over his shoulder as he surveyed the concert hall. “Why does this place look familiar? Have we been here before? Have we played here before? Where are we?”

Lucifer sluggishly stepped off the bus into the dawn. He yawned softly, surveying the landscape while clearing his throat. “I think we might have visited here a few years ago,” he replied softly. Lucifer was exhausted, more so than usual. He needed sleep and being up all night had not helped his illness. He glimpsed back at the bus, glad to be off the darn thing. “Just means we’ll have a bigger crowd than normal,” he commented at last.

“I have reoccurring nightmares after all these years,” Mikael grinned as they headed inside to the air-condition. They always dropped their stuff off and checked the place out before heading to…

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