Angelique’s Secrets — Dirty Playboys, Playgirl Sex

20 min readMay 28, 2022

“Jude lapped up his clear crème and swallowed Angelique’s juices. He licked harder the instant she commanded. He tried to reach three fingers into her when she slapped him away. Angelique turned and squatted over Jude in a sixty-nine.”

Business woman Angelique left the entrepreneurial world to satisfy her taste for new horizons. What she received was an education in art by a sexy horny photographer. A tour of the photography studio hums with the promise of a sexual challenge of male vs. female…

Except Angelique is the person who is used to being in control. She is free to use any man she desires. When one sex affair attracts two, will Angelique test the limits of passion to prove who is master: dirty playboys, or a professional playgirl for sex?

Written by Nicole Bright
Published by

Photo by Jean-Karim Dangou on Unsplash

Angelique was skittish as a kitten without a ball of string to dally. One failed marriage and a sexless relationship on the rocks and she had made a change. Angelique stepped from her modest Aston Martin and sashayed to the front door. At 5’10’ she had legs that reached to the heavens. She had never considered herself a wild child, but she wanted to see how she would feel when she crossed over to the uninhibited side. She was turning 38 and getting wiser and age didn’t have to set the precedent for dotage.

She slicked her resort dress and opened the door to the studio. She was greeted with a refreshing gust of cool air. Perfect for what she hoped would be a lusty revelation. Angelique approached the photography studio receptionist desk, uncomfortable, but determined. If Angelique had anything to say about life, she was going to have one tawdry sex drenched love play after another until she couldn’t frig herself or run another boardroom or enterprise again. Angelique checked her Omega. It was one in the afternoon on the dot.

“Good afternoon, I’m Mason. Welcome to Judas Photography,” the male receptionist said. His smile was infectious. Angelique smiled her approval. “Apprehensive?” he asked.

“I had a glass of Spumanti earlier this morning,” Angelique admitted.

“I see,” Mason told her. “There is always a first time,” he smiled. “Jude has an eye few…



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