All That is New — An Erotic Short Story

21 min readSep 25, 2022

Roy and Stella have been friends for a while now, and with her eighteenth birthday just around the corner, Roy is anxious to take her out on an official date.

Within a few short months, there’s no doubt that sex is on the menu for these two love birds. Will it be all they’ve dreamed of, or fall short of their expectations?

Written by Inez Eaton
Published by

The hot dust swirled back and forth across the Nevada desert as Roy worked the land behind his home. Swiping a hand across his sweaty brow he squinted into the sunrise and wondered how he’d survive the summer if this heat kept up. The dust coated Roy’s skin like a fine layer of chalk, making him sweat all the more.

His mouth was dry and felt like sandpaper when he tried to dampen his lips which were cracked from the intense warmth of the sun. What he’d give for a huge glass of lemonade. As Roy hoed the weeds from his garden, Roy’s thoughts turned to Stella Darnel. She was just about to turn eighteen and Roy smiled with the thought. They’d been interested in each other for a while now, but John, her step-daddy, had asked Roy to wait until Stella turned eighteen before he officially asked her out on a date. Her birthday was less than a week away and Roy was almost as excited as he imagined Stella was. He’d gotten her a new coat to wear over her Sunday dresses and hoped he’d found something she’d appreciate. It’d taken him nearly a weeks pay for the pig he’d slaughtered to afford it, but it’d be worth it if Stella liked it.

Roy finished weeding the garden and then hosed it down to prepare it for the plants he’d work on later that afternoon. Roy hoped this year’s crop would be bountiful as he hoped by the end of the year to ask Stella to marry him. Growing up together in the same small town Roy had had plenty of opportunities to observe who Stella Darnell was. He’d seen her amongst her friends carefree and beautiful. He’d witnessed the depths of her sorrow when her mother had died the previous winter. He’d watched her with her little brother, always willing to play with him, buy his clothes and teach him his ABC’s and 123’s. Roy knew that his feelings for her were serious, but it’d take time to gauge how she felt in return.



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