Address of No Return — A Romantic Short Story

24 min readMar 2, 2022

Calvin’s heart was broken and he expressed that heartbreak in his letters. His detailed, deeply meaningful, letters. Sadly, the letters didn’t reach their intended but rather were read by Esther who, due to the words she read on the pages, fell in love with Calvin. Longed for him. Prayed she would someday, somehow meet him.

When that day came, when that glorious moment happened, she devised a plan that would help Calvin heal and help her heart be full. Yet, did she have all the information she truly needed or, was something missing?

Written by Rebecca Milton
Published by

9 September 1923


You unfeeling, uncaring, heartless, caustic strumpet.

There, I have said it. I have committed it to paper and, even as I do so, my hand shakes with rage and sorrow that has, as far as I can tell, no bottom whatsoever. My emotional state sinks deeper and deeper and I pray, oh how I pray, that it finds a stopping point and yet, it seems it never will. How could you, is what I want to ask. Who are you, certainly a question that follows quickly on its heels. Finally … why? Why Abigail, why?

I breathe now. I have placed the pen down and taken a quick turn about the park, I saw Milton Reames, you remember him from the club, he sends his best. Worry not, I did not tell him of your treachery. He holds you in high regard. That, of course, is due to the fact that I had you on my arm. Perhaps if he knew the truth about you, his regard would drop lower and deeper than the bottomless pit that has engulfed my own heart. Blast, I see that my nerves are not yet soothed enough. I shall take another stroll and return to finish this later. Finish it I shall, for hear my words you must.

I have returned. I went to the club and had a few stiff whiskeys with Charlie Nesh and his cousin Vilmar. Two fine men, thinking of starting a business together they are. Rather strange as both are exceedingly wealthy and need no other income but they claim they are restless. I told them I understood. I too am restless. Not for lack of work or mental stimulation. No, my restlessness comes from the knowing that you have been cruel to me.



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