A Vacation Love Story

24 min readApr 23

When her hire car breaks down during a vacation, a young woman finds help from a wealthy local man. It’s the start of an attraction between them that comes to a halt when she finds a file on her desk identifying her as unsuitable girlfriend material. She leaves for home without a word only to find the man following to tell her the truth of the situation and see if she will forgive him.

Written by Grace Barron
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Photo by 鏡飛 匙 on Unsplash

The rattling of the steering wheel in her hands was the first sign that there might be a problem. Scarlett looked at the open countryside around her and sent up a short prayer that the hire car would keep going and get her back to her vacation home. So far on her two week getaway everything had been perfect, but the spluttering sound of the engine brought home the fact that her enjoyable time so far might be abut to meet a hitch. The smooth running of the engine started to falter and the juddering of the vehicle made her send up another prayer. It went unanswered as the hire car finally broke down and coasted silently to a stop at the side of the highway.

“Shit,” Scarlett cursed as the annoyance swept over her.

She reached for the key and turned it. The engine coughed and spluttered, but refused to start. She tried again and again until finally accepting that she was stuck where she was and needed to find a way to get help. Opening the glove compartment she pulled out the rental agreement and flicked through the pages to find the emergency number. Stepping out of the car she took her mobile phone from her pocket and another curse escaped her lips when she saw there was no reception.

“This is all I need,” Scarlett muttered as she walked around trying to get some signal bars.

She let out a sigh of relief when she finally saw them appear and quickly looked at the paper in her hand to check the number. Keying it in, she brought the handset to her ear and heard it ringing.

“Come on, come on,” she encouraged as it went unanswered at first, but let out another sigh of relief as the call was picked up.

“Sanderson car hire,” a woman’s voice answered.

“Oh hey, this is Scarlett Cooper,” she started. “I hired a car from you a couple of days…


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