A Special Workout

21 min readFeb 25, 2022

“Anticipation grew inside of me, I wanted him here and now, I couldn’t hold on any longer. By the look in his eyes I knew he wanted it as well; he brought his hand up to my breasts cupping them lightly. I moaned in pleasure as he brushed my sensitive skin; only to turn in to shock as the sound of voices hit my ears.”

Sofia decides to go to the gym for the first time in her life. If dragging herself out of bed before it’s even light isn’t bad enough, she has to face the complex machines and freezing temperatures. Faced with a nasty receptionist and a phone call that will change her life forever she braves the gym.

Will she even make it through the morning? What happens when her mystery man disappears without even a word? And are saunas’ as steamy as everyone says?

Written by Carla Burke
Published by

Photo by Dylan Sauerwein on Unsplash

I rolled over, dragging the duvet with me as I went. The warm covers wrapped around me, encasing me in a small, tight cocoon. My alarm blared loudly filling the room with the sharp piercing sound. It muffled my large yawn as I struggled to pull myself out of the deep sleep I had been in. A very dim light shone through the curtains, confirming that it was still a ridiculously early time of the morning.

I yawned again, struggling against my duvet as it bound me firmly to the bed. My hand searched the empty space around me, looking for the sleeping form of my boyfriend. When no skin hit my tired fingers I pulled myself up slightly; my body trying to resist the movement. I finally heaved myself from the soft sheets so I could better examine my surroundings. Except for the cocoon I had formed around me, there was nothing else occupying the bed.

I frowned, it was far too early for him to have left for work and he would normally have screamed in protest when I curled myself in to the sheets. I felt around me again, the place where he normally slept was stone cold; he hadn’t slept here last night. Thoughts whirled through my mind; last night he had gone out with his friends. I had gone to bed early because of the time I had to get up. This was the third time in the last few weeks that I had woken up without him next to me. My frown deepened, trying not to think of the reason why he wasn’t here, I slumped back down on the bed, letting the warmth…




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