A Second Impression

23 min readMar 18, 2022

Amelia wrapped her legs around Ben’s hips, shifting her hips down to feel him through the fabric of their clothes. Ben broke away from the kiss, smiling just an inch away from her. He thrust his hips up and Amelia moaned, already panting slightly from arousal and the heat between them. “Before the day is over,” he told her, dropping his lips to her neck and kissing and nipping the sensitive skin there, “I am going to have to have you against the wall like this again, only naked.”

Amelia has been dreading the interview she has to do with a musician she has admired since she was a teenager; after an agony of impatience and anxiety, her subject arrives and she is pleasantly surprised to find him charming and friendly.

Their mutual first impression — from a meeting years before — was not very good, but for his second impression, Ben is determined to change Amelia’s view of him…

Written by Emma Bishop
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Amelia fidgeted in her seat, glancing around the restaurant as she waited. She never did well with waiting for someone, and this particular appointment was more nerve-wracking than most.

She checked her watch. She had arrived early, set out her gear, and now it was still another ten minutes before the interview, and here she was. She tried to compose herself. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

He would show or he wouldn’t, she told herself. If he didn’t, then she’d just enjoy a nice breakfast and go home and make some phone calls to reschedule. The thing that was eating her up was that she wasn’t sure whether she wanted him to just show up already, or if she wanted him to no-show.

Amelia opened her eyes and glanced around the restaurant again, hoping to spot him being led by the hostess. She rifled through her notebook, checked that her pen was working properly, and took a sip of water.

Stop being ridiculous, she told herself; she sat back in her chair and fought down the heat that seemed determined to rise up in her face. She would be professional, courteous, and friendly.

She was not going to let herself get star-struck, not at this point in her career. Of course, it wasn’t every day that a woman got a chance to interview someone she…




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