A Rough Night and a Hero

21 min readJan 21, 2022

Angela Fuller decided to give her friend’s idea a chance, her and Kate go to hang out at a local bar. Maybe Angela likes the attitude of confident men, but she knows all too well that they go too far, assume too much. So she tells her friend Kate from the start, she just wants to have a fun night.

Unfortunately, things don’t go that easy. When Kate and her get into trouble, they have to keep an eye out for a real man to come and save the day. Angela has to wonder though, is he a real hero, or just a man looking out for his own chances to score points with her?

Written by Jean Mathis
Published by

“Are you sure about this Kate?” Angela asked as they pulled into the parking lot.

They were in front of a little pub that called itself the Big Blue, a place that looked like it was pull straight out of a movie about biker gangs. There were a few motorcycles in the parking lot, and a sign with a skull next to lightning bolts. She didn’t know what to think about it.

“I’ve been in here,” Kate said, “We’ll be fine. This is exactly what you need in your life, somewhere to relax.”

Angela grumbled to herself. She didn’t need anything. No matter how much she insisted to Kate, her friend still tried to find ways to hook her up with men. Everywhere they went, they found a bunch of guys so interested in ‘playing the game’, that Angela couldn’t stand to be around them.

They got out of the car, and Angela looked at the neighborhood, maybe it wasn’t all that bad. It was down to earth, looked like a place where people went from work to the bar then to work again. Sure that didn’t create the absolute best people, but it was real.

Kate was busy in the car mirror, checking how she looked in her jeans and button up. They were looking good. They wouldn’t get into a fancy night club, but that’s why they were at Big Blue instead.

“Come on,” Angela said, “You can spit-shine yourself later.”

“Real funny,” Kate said as they joined up and walked into the pub together. It was bigger on the inside than Angela expected, with the smell of old smoke and new acquaintances. Big men were drinking beers and talking loudly.


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