A Night with Someone Younger

20 min readJan 23, 2022

Tiffany was a single mom working at the old diner. Single and sexy, she was the center of her boss’s attention and naughty touches. She’d never let the old, fat guy have his way with her though.

One day, however, she meets a man much younger than her, a man that wants nothing more but to sleep not with a single, young teenager but with an older, certified mother. He invites her to sit at his table and at that moment she realizes that a simple yes or no answer could radically change the rhythm of her life.

Written by Pearl Whitaker
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“Tiffany, hurry up with that order, we got some customers coming in.”

She rolled her eyes at her boss, George, and said, “Yes sir, I just got to wait for the eggs.” She placed a tall cup of coffee on the tray, along with a plate of toasted bread and bacon. Her shift was almost over and suffering through George’s demeaning rants for another twenty minutes was fine so long as she got home in time to catch her daughter still awake.

Tiffany was in her late twenties and had a three-year old daughter that had become the love of her life. The only real obstacle was that having a daughter made it hard for her to go out and date again. Before she had a kid, every man she met tried hard to get in her pants but these days they ran out the door the moment they found out she was a mommy. It puzzled her because having a child shouldn’t make a woman any less sexually appealing than a woman without one.

As a matter of fact, it should make her hotter. Having a kid meant she was more sexually active and that she knew her way in the bedroom. There were a hundred and one ways she could think of just to tease a man with foreplay.

But there were other things to worry about for now. Tiffany shook off the thought of sex and lust and went back to serving food to their customers. The diner was packed at this late hour and it only made her want to go home even more. Nothing at the moment seemed better than to get home, lie down, and stay beside her little girl, Remy.

Tiffany served the plate, along with the freshly cooked eggs. When she turned around she found George staring down at her ass.


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