A Nice Guy — A Romantic Short Story

28 min readJul 17, 2022

At some point, things changed for Maggie. When she was young she wanted to write about social issues, politics, change the world. Then, she became engulfed and fascinated with the glamor of other people’s lives. The romance of others. Her own life was mundane and simple. She needed that to change.

She thought that if she could live the lives she wrote about, she would be happy. What she needed was excitement, romance, danger, that would make it all better. What she really needed, perhaps, was just a nice guy.

Written by Rebecca Milton
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OK. Here you go.

This is the story that inspired the book, that became the screenplay they turned into the movie, starring that actress we all love — you know the cute one, the perky one, with the great haircut, and the personality that just popped out of the screen. Her co-star’s that actor, that hunk, that glorious, glorious man that we can’t take our eyes off. Can’t strip from our minds. Speaking of strip, wouldn’t that be lovely. Middle of the room. Him just stripping down.

Anyway, it became the film that became the box office hit, that sold more tickets than any other of its genre before. Speculations that no film will ever meet that kind of ticket sales again. The film that touched all the hearts and worms its way into everyone’s mind. It transcended the traditional chick flick. In the beginning, men brought their women to see it because it was the right thing to do. But even the men walking out of the theater was feeling something. Thinking differently. There are even some incidences of men, pairs, singles, groups, going to see the movie all on their own. Not a woman in sight. This is the story that brought all that about. Better be a good one, right?


So what is that story about? Sure it’s about romance, love, maybe even a little happily ever after. But is that enough? Is that really enough to get the pages turned, the words typed, the actors cast, the money invested? Romance. Love. Happily ever after. Rainbows and kitties. Sunshine and beaches. Hot girls in bikinis with sweet asses, and hunky men with massive, pectoral muscles and huge arms, everyone glitter golden with white smiles. Is that all it takes? Sadly the…


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