A Case For Love

21 min readMar 23, 2022

Amanda Barnes thinks that Ken, her boyfriend, is being suspicious. While at first it is just him walking out of the room to answer phone calls, it gets worse when she starts to think that maybe he is sneaking out to cheat on her. So she does what any self respecting woman would, she investigates.

Investigating turns out to be harder than she expected, and the emotional weight of the search starts to pick up faster than she expected. Amanda starts to question, is she willing to keep a man who is sneaking around? Would he be willing to keep her if it turned out she is wrong?

Written by Jean Mathis
Published by

Ken’s fingers rolled down her spine, touching twice every inch as he tickled her exposed back. Amanda smiled, then bit his lower lip, sucking on the tender skin until he stayed close enough to kiss.

The lights were low, and no matter what had happened that day, Amanda was focused on the two of them. At that moment, Ken was her whole world, and nothing would stop her from connecting with her man.

He gripped her back, the hard contact making her gasp in surprise. His tongue slid past her lips, and they shared a deep kiss that sent shivers through Amanda’s body. This was them together, and she knew that every day when she came home, he would be there for her again. Ken was a smart man, so he had to know that what he had with Amanda was special.

She loved Ken, even though their love was relatively young. She was willing to say that she loved him, and to her that was sign enough that what they had was special. Amanda had so many relationships in the past, some that didn’t go past coffee at the local shop, that she was glad to have something that felt this good. The alternative was something she didn’t want to think about.

There was a buzz in the dark, and even as Ken’s hands climbed up her side, she could feel her body go tense. Who was calling in the middle of the night? What could they want at a time like this? Sure her own phone occasionally went off, but Ken’s phone usually stayed silent. This time it rumbled loud enough for her to hear it over the sound of him casting hungry kisses on her neck.

“Is that your phone?” she asked as he slid over her collarbone.


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